Chuck Lorre Talks About The End Of ‘Two and a Half Men’

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Chuck Lorre calls Two and a Half Men an “interesting journey.” You certainly can’t criticize such a broad brushstroke. It was Chuck who served as the target of the Charlie Sheen mayhem, and well… he was the one left standing tall. It seems cooler heads most certainly do prevail.

The upcoming 12th season of the hit CBS show, Two and a Half Men, will serve as the final go ’round for the cast and crew. Chuck sat down, and offered his candid thoughts about the show, and stated that there’s very little left to do other than to keep doing what they’ve been doing for over a decade now. Even with all he’s been through with this particular production, he has never lost his sense of humor. Sure, for most Chuck Lorre shows, the laughs come cheap, but you never leave an episode feeling more stressed out about the world.

Chuck is also the producer on hit shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly and Anna Faris TV vehicle, Mom. When considering artists in the realm of entertainment, Chuck Lorre fits somewhere between the creatives and business pragmatists. He’s always been a visionary, regardless of the hat he wears.

Chuck came into the entertainment world as a musician hoping to hit it big. He found his way into Television to help pay the bills, and he found a nice goldmine within that realm. He did kick off his TV career through development and even some musical composition, writing the theme song for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

To see a few clips from Chuck’s interview, check out the video below.

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