Chris Brown’s Aunt Held Hostage As Armed Men Ransack Brown’s Home

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Only months after Chris Brown came home from a Vegas trip to find a woman had been staying at his place for days, waiting for him to return, the singer has suffered another much more terrifying home invasion.

According to reports from TMZ, Chris Brown’s aunt was home alone inside her nephew’s six-bedroom Tarzana, California, home on Wednesday, July 15 when she heard a commotion downstairs around two a.m.

Law enforcement stated she was confronted by three men who were hiding their faces with bandanas and carrying handguns. They proceeded to lock her inside of a closet and turned the place upside down as they looked for valuables. In the end, they got away with a laptop, phone and cash before fleeing the scene, leaving Brown’s aunt unharmed.

Officers did not know how the men managed to break into the home, which is located inside a gated community, but they did tell Brown’s aunt they knew they were in Brown’s house in what was an obviously targeted attack on the 25-year-old singer.

At the time of the incident, Brown was inside the Argyle club in Hollywood, but returned home shortly after the incident took place.

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