Chicago Fire Actress Killed In Freak Accident

These are the stories that terrify you. Suicides, drug overdoses, murder… they seem sadly apropos in the world of entertainment. Then there are stories of Chicago actress, Molly Glynn, who was killed on Friday in a freak accident.

Molly was out doing one of the things she loved to do–ride her bicycle. She and her husband, Joe Foust, were enjoying a trail ride in suburban Chicago when the weather turned nasty.

For those who don’t understand how someone could get caught in a storm while outdoors with clear view of the sky, you have to understand weather patterns in the Midwest. Storms develop here. There could be a 20 percent chance of rain during a morning forecast, and by noon there could be a 70 percent chance of severe thunderstorms. When these storms develop, they move violently, stir up dangerous gusts of wind, and drop rain in sheets. Anyone who is an avid cyclist or mountain biker in the Midwest can probably tell you a story of needing to find shelter during a ride.

Molly and Joe were several miles into their trek, and continued to make progress as the storm front approached them. Being in the middle of trees, the storm caught them by surprise.

As they approached a wooded area, Molly suggested to Joe that they should pull off and find shelter. According to Joe, those were her last words. At that moment, wind tore through the trees, and one of the trees fell across the trail, onto Molly. Joe was also reportedly hit by the tree, but escaped without serious injury. She died from her injuries a day later.

Molly was a veteran of the Chicago theatre scene, and was beloved by the local community. Her recurring role on Chicago Fire made her most recognizable. She was 46 years old.

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James Sheldon