Chelsea Handler Throws Shade At The Kardashians

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Chelsea Handler threw some shade at the Kardashians while prepping for her farewell special.

Unfortunately, it’s not a tangible shade — just verbal shade. It would be so much better if we could see Chelsea Handler throwing a lamp shade, a window shade or even one of those shiny windshield shades at the Kardashian krew.

Chelsea Handler is leaving E!, and she sat down with Joel McHale to offer a few last thoughts on her seven year stint with the network, truly giving us all a little Chelsea Lately. She started by planting a bright red flag: The “reason” why she’s leaving E!

As we’re all well aware, Chelsea Handler is not a fan of the Kardashians. She hates their show, their m.o., how they whine and she hates that they can make money doing what they’re doing. She just doesn’t like anything about the Kardashians, and if she does, she has never stated it.

Chelsea is so vocal about her disdain that she has been told to tone it down by the network. To a certain extent, she has. Who knows how outspoken she’d be if she weren’t sharing the Kardashian cash cow?

Well…no more. We can expect that the Chelsea of the future will be as outspoken as she wants to be. She’ll continue to drive home her point: Why are these people a “thing?” No offense to the Kardashians personally, but quite frankly, they are a cultural stain — suggesting themselves as an example of what people should aspire towards? C’mon.

To see Chelsea lay the verbal smack, check out the video below.


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