Camille Grammer Slams Ex-Husband Kelsey Grammer

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Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, 59, and ex-wife Camille Grammer, 46, have no issues displaying their disdain for each other after their 13-year marriage broke down in 2010.

Since the break-up Kelsey has said some horrible things about his ex but this time it is Camille who is firing shots at Kelsey.

Camille made on appearance on Watch What Happens Live to discuss about her time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after the show’s season five premiere on Tuesday November 18.

Host Andy Cohen asked Camille about her and Kelsey and their co-parenting of their two children and when she responded negatively, Cohen asked, “Is he being a dick to you?”

To which Camille did not even hesitate to reply, “Total dick. He’s an ass. I can say it all night.”

Camille filed for divorce in July 2010 while Kelsey filed his own stating they had been considering separation for awhile.

The divorce quickly became messy when just a month after the filings it was discovered that Kelsey and was cheating on Camille with his girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, 34, and they were expecting a child.

The same month that their divorce was finalized, February 2011, Kelsey married Walsh in his fourth marriage.

Since the dramatic and volatile divorce, co-parenting has been difficult with reports that Kelsey forbids his children to say their mother’s name when they are in his house.

“He has to learn to love his kids more than he hates me,” Camille stated about working with Kelsey on raising their children.

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