Busy Philipps Disagrees With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Mom Comments

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What is Gwyneth talking about? Busy Philipps says being an actress and mom is easy.

Gwyneth Paltrow angered a lot of working moms when she suggested that regular, non-celebrity moms have it easier than actresses because of their set schedules. While it must certainly be hard to be away from your kids for long stretches, critics quickly pointed out that someone like Gwyneth can afford childcare, travel and all sorts of other luxuries that regular moms can’t.

When asked about this concept, Cougar Town star and mom Busy was careful not to diss Gwenyth, but was also real and down-to-earth about the fact that her nanny makes her life pretty simple. Check out the video to see what she said about her experience, and Gwenyth’s “truth”.

Busy also pointed out that every mom goes through “mommy guilt.” Sure, she might have to miss a school play because she’s shooting an episode of her show, but a lawyer friend of hers has to miss the school play because she’s in the courtroom. It’s not a challenge that’s only reserved for special actors.

The 34 year-old also talked using Instagram and Twitter to share photos of her daughter, who’s part of the first generation of kids being posted about without their consent. What will happen when these kids grow up and have a trail of baby photos that are easily Googled?

Check Out The Video To See What Busy Had To Say About Gwyneth:

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