Burt Reynolds Is Broke

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The actor who was once on top of the world is broke according to the news media, and has chosen to auction off some of his most prized possessions. It has been a career long battle for Burt Reynolds, and he’s hoping the 600 items he is putting up for auction will help him mind a monster financial gap.

Burt Reynolds is famous for his tremendous acting talent, iconic movie roles and unfortunately, battling with personal demons that have landed him in debt and poor health repeatedly.

At present, Burt is fighting hard to keep his home, which was foreclosed in 2010. Burt continues to work in the industry, but sadly, there aren’t a lot of movie roles left for an actor who are rapidly approaching 80 years of age. Burt has endured a bankruptcy, painkiller addiction, a back surgery and a quintuple bypass surgery just to continue living, and now he’s parting with some of his most prized possessions to avoid displacement.

The auction is set to take place on December 11-12 in Las Vegas, NV, and will feature some unique items, as well as impressive industry memorabilia. One piece likely to garner quite a price is Burt’s Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in the 1997 film, Boogie Nights. Another guaranteed big money maker: The Smokey and The Bandit car, aka, 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

The twist of the story? Burt says he’s not broke. He claims that he’s getting older, that his finances are now stable and he needs to get rid of some stuff while it still possesses monetary value. In his words, it’s just a bit of “housekeeping.”

To see more on the story, check out the video below.

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