Bruce Jenner’s Transition Docu-Series Put On Hold

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

Photo by Rob Latour/REX

It seems the pressure is mounting on Bruce Jenner, 64, as until now it was a full-go for the former Olympian to document his male-to-female transition in a new series for the E! Network.

While everything was in place and production was steam-rolling ahead, several outlets are confirming that Jenner has now halted production and the future of the show is unclear. According to TMZ Jenner started voicing concerns to producers two weeks ago after feeling rushed. He is also concerned about his family and wants to make sure “his kids are psychologically able to handle it” before the whole thing is broadcast to the public.

Allegedly, he is having second thoughts about portraying the extremely personal and intimate process via a reality show: “Bruce’s primary goal is to bring awareness to this issue in order to help others. He is not sure that E! and a reality show is the best format to do that,” a source told People magazine.

His concern obviously extends to the entire transgender community and the impact the show will have on them as he “wants this to be taken serious so that [his situation] can have the most positive impact on society’s perception of the transgender community.”

Jenner is also currently dealing with another emotional situation after a car crash in which a woman was killed; apparently due to Jenner’s distracted driving, and needs to fully deal with that situation before moving forward with the massive change in his life.

Many sources believe the docu-series will definitely happen but not as soon as the May 2015 air date that producers were hoping for. A representative for Jenner has not commented on the situation.

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