Bruce Jenner’s Family Reacts To His Transition

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So… it looks like Seth MacFarlane was the smartest man in the world. Not only did he call it once, he called it twice in animated form.

And we called it pretty early here at Fame10, too. Bruce Jenner is transitioning to live life as a woman.

Don’t we all find this ironic? Aren’t we supposed to? As an ever-evolving society, we’re trying to say “there’s no difference between men and women–we’re all the same at the core,” right? But maybe we’re forcing that issue. Or maybe, we can’t speak arbitrarily for anyone other than ourselves. Or… maybe… it’s not really equality that we’re so interested in, rather fairness. Because most people certainly do not equate men and women. We are delightfully different.

Just ask Bruce Jenner.

The former Olympic champion, and dad of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, revealed to his family that he’s going to live out his remaining days as a woman. While the admission came as a shock to a lot of the family, the fact that Bruce leaned toward acting “girly” certainly didn’t.

According to the folks close the Kardashian/Jenner clans, everyone is doing their best to accept Bruce’s decision, while continuing to love and support him. As imagined, Scott Disick was a little irritated with the way things played out, and Kris Kardashian-Jenner is still said to be struggling with the truth of the matter, but nobody is surprised. According to “sources” close to the family, Bruce always preferred to lounge in ladies wear.

Frankly, who really cares? It’s difficult to throw support to such a cause simply because it’s a hot-button issue these days. There are still too many people who don’t have clean water to drink to really feel the need to emotionally invest and connect to a man becoming a woman.

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