Bruce Jenner To Detail Transformation In New Docu-Series

Helga Esteb /

Docu-series. Come, on. You can’t fool us, E! Entertainment.

Not only will this not be a documentary, we know that it’s basically just a spin-off of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. More branding for Bruce. But it is happening. It’s not just some rumor floating around the Interwebs.

What will it showcase? Well… Bruce Jenner. And will it include the Jenner family, and some cross-over to the Kardashian klan? Of course. But no, no, seriously… what will it showcase? Will we all be witness to Bruce Jenner transferring from old dude with tons of plastic surgery to old woman with tons of plastic surgery?

It certainly seems like that will be the case, but there is not one of us who will be surprised if it’s merely a bait and switch tactic offered by the former Olympian, and his empirical puppeteer, Kris Kardashian.

Seriously. What else is there to say about this? The only reason it would be worth watching was if one of Bruce’s children had a serious problem with his desire to become a woman, if he is, in fact, becoming a woman. Then the soap opera drama becomes inherent. As it stands, this sounds like just another reality show the likes of Kourtney and Kim Take…

Whatever the case, the crew working this new “docu-series” is under an exclusive, non-disclosure agreement. That means they cannot say anything about anything they see, the video they capture or conversations they have on set about anything show related. If there’s one thing this group of Kardashians and Jenners can do, it’s build an annoying amount of anticipatory tension.


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