Bruce Jenner Says He’s Going To Be Okay In New Interview Promo

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Only hours from when Diane Sawyer’s exclusive interview with Bruce Jenner, 65, airs on Friday, April 24, more sneak peeks are being released, giving fans a hint of what they are going to see from the former Olympian.

Sawyer appeared on Good Morning America to tease her special two-hour 20/20 interview with Jenner about his gender transition and GMA host George Stephanopoulos was trying to get details from Sawyer, but she’s not letting anything slip before the interview airs.

“Ah, George. I think we can all agree that some stories should only be told by the person who lives them, and he wants to speak directly to them.”

In a new promo from the interview, the pair are sitting down and Sawyer asks Jenner if there are any questions he thinks she should have asked to which he takes a moment and replies, “Are you going to be okay?”

Sawyer then asks that question.

“Yeah. I hope I’m gonna be okay. I feel like I’m going to be okay. 2015 is going to be quite a ride. Quite a ride.”

Sawyer also told Stephanopoulos that she hopes the interview impacts everyone who watches it, “I hope people talk with other people, with family, with friends, because there is so much to think about. Not just what he’s going to tell you, but about everyone’s life,” she stated.

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Watch the promo below!

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