Bruce Jenner Could Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Bruce Jenner, 65, is still dealing with his involvement in a serious crash in Pacific Coast Highway on February 7 that caused the death of Kim Howe and now it seems his legal troubles are only going to get worse.

TMZ reports that Howe’s stepchildren are planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit, however the whole thing seems to just be a ploy from money from the rich and famous Jenner as apparently the stepchildren had basically no relationship with Howe.

According to the site, she had no direct relatives after her husband passed away in 2003, leaving her two grown stepchildren who do not live in California and had very little contact with their stepmom.

Although they were estranged and seemingly uninvolved in Kim Howe’s life, both have retained lawyers in preparation for the lawsuit and do have the legal standing to follow through with the lawsuit regardless of their relationship with her.

Howe was tragically killed that day when Jenner’s vehicle slammed into her own, sending her straight into oncoming traffic and in the path of a Hummer that destroyed her car and killed her.

Following the accident, Jenner reportedly blamed the crash on Howe for stopping without warning on the busy highway but a police investigation revealed Jenner was not paying attention at the time of the crash when he hit the back of Howe’s car.

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