Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell Dead After Freak Accident

These are the stories that make you never want to do anything… ever again.

Did you hear about this one? Well. Be sure to put on your bubble wrap clothing, and full armored face mask before reading about it. Not to make light of the tragic death of Charmayne Maxwell, but her death from a terrifying, freak accident makes you think twice about everything.

Over the weekend (reports have varied from Friday to Saturday night), it is supposed that Charmayne, former member of the 90s R&B group, “Brownstone,” was home, enjoying a quiet evening, sipping wine after attending her son’s soccer game earlier, when something tragic happened. Whether she tripped, fell, broke the glass on a hard object, or God only knows what, she somehow cut her neck and hit a vital vein or artery, causing her to bleed profusely.

Her husband, Danish record producer Carsten Soulshock (Carsten Schack), came home to find his wife unconscious and bleeding profusely. If she had been drinking wine, the blood would have flowed even easier from a wound–the effect of alcohol on the bloodstream. He found that she had a pulse, and called 911. She was transported to Cedars Sinai Hospital, but reportedly died during transport due to the extreme blood loss.


For those who think this sounds fishy. It is odd. But surely you’ve seen some of those oddities on 1,000 Ways To Die. These things happen. The LAPD investigated the scene, and reported that the broken wine glass was the entity that caused the cut on her neck. The DTs on site did not suspect foul play, which makes the story even more terrifying.

Charmayne was 46, and had been married to Carsten for 20 years. The doting parents shared one son, Nicolaj Schack. Condolences to the family.

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James Sheldon