Brittany Murphy Biopic Sparks Controversy

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Brittany Murphy died tragically in 2009 at age 32 — and not everyone is happy that Lifetime is telling her story with a new biopic, The Brittany Murphy Story. 

A spokesperson for Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, says she was not consulted about the project, and has not participated in the production of the film in any way. It’s not clear where the biopic found its material, since the family didn’t participate.

Brittany’s mother also probably isn’t thrilled about the fact that the movie portrays her as a bit of a stage mom who pushes her daughter to be a star.

According to the network, the movie tells “the story of talented young Brittany, her supportive mother Sharon and their determination to turn Brittany into a star in the 1980s and ’90s. Brittany achieves that dream, breaking out in ‘Clueless’ and continuing to do high-profile work in projects such as ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and ‘8 Mile.’ But her desperation for approval and insecurity about her looks makes her personal life a disaster. The men in Brittany’s life come and go, but her mother remains the grounding force in her life.”

Lifetime says the movie also delves into the disagreement between Sharon and Brittany’s father Angelo about whether Brittany’s death was an accident or not: “Her estranged father Angelo is claiming that the forensic evidence indicates that Brittany was deliberately poisoned, and he has his theories about who is to blame.”

Last Man Standing actress Amanda Fuller will play Brittany in the film, which premieres on Lifetime on September 6. Do you think they look alike? Check out the video to see.

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