Bridget Moynahan Blames This Awful Trend on Coyote Ugly!

Featureflash / Shutterstock.comBridget Moynahan was one of the stars of 2000’s hit Coyote Ugly — and she admits that the movie started a terrible trend.

In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Bridget was asked if she sees the film differently now compared with how she saw it 14 years ago. The interviewer, who confessed that he’s fascinated by Coyote Ugly, also pointed out that while it’s a film about women at work, it’s seen through a decidedly male lens.

Bridget chose to ignore the depth of the question, instead focusing on a trend that the movie started that she wishes it could reverse. Is it fashion? Tattoos? Tossing vodka bottles across bars with abandon? Check out the video to see her dish out some haterade!

The 42 year-old actress hopes that a new trend can be started in its place. We’re on board!

It’s rare to see an actress talk smack about a movie she was in, since the media is so unforgiving when it comes to women (see: Katherine Heigl and Knocked Up), but enough time has passed with this one that it’s probably a safe target for criticism. We also understand where Bridget’s coming from — and her comments were made in a playful tone.

Do you agree that Coyote Ugly‘s trend is  regrettable?


Amanda Young