Bono Still Can’t Play Guitar 5 Months After Cycling Accident

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U2’s front man, Bono, is struggling with nerve regeneration five months after a bike accident in Central Park.

Yes, you likely knew about Bono’s severe cycling accident in New York City’s Central Park that occurred last November. However, most didn’t realize the extent and severity of the injuries, which Bono referred to as being smashed to bits. No, that wasn’t an embellishment. Bono fractured bones in his hand, arm, shoulder and head, including his left orbital bone.

Fortunately, his wounds have healed, but the process of nerve regeneration in his left hand has taken quite some time. According to the legendary rock star, he feels like he “has somebody else’s hand.” Imagine what you will, but that doesn’t sound the least bit enjoyable.

For Bono, it means he can’t play guitar with any proficiency, and may not be able to play at all based on his recent statements. For anyone who has had a similar injury, you’re aware that this can be the longest part of the healing process. Bono has a titanium plate in his arm to offer structure to the healing process where he cracked bones near the elbow joint in several places. According to Bono’s doctors, the process of nerve regeneration will take some 13 months, based on the typical rate of recovery in the nervous system.

In the meantime, U2 has resumed rehearsal for live performances, specifically the Innocence and Experience Tour beginning May 14. Bono’s outlook is more positive than it was several months ago when he suggested he might never play guitar again, though you shouldn’t expect to see him grinding an ax while leading this tour. According to his orthopedic surgeon, he’ll need to continue in his rehabilitation exercises, and should eventually see a full recovery.

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