Bobby Brown’s Family Shoots Reality Show Despite Bobbi Kristina

Photo by Greg Allen / Rex Features

Photo by Greg Allen / Rex Features

When there’s a chance for easy money, people will often take it. Bobby Brown’s family is shooting a reality show, surrounding the events of Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy.

We shouldn’t confuse Bobby Brown’s family members with being classy, or respectful. This news isn’t much of a surprise. It should be stated that Bobby himself is not participating in the reality fiasco, but his sisters, Leolah and Tina…? Oh yeah.

If you’re not familiar with these women, they were all the rage back in the Bobby and Whitney days. Leolah was the one who found the nearest rooftop, and started shouting after Whitney’s death. She placed culpability on Ray J for his influence in Whitney’s life, and accused him of fueling her cocaine habit.

Then there’s Tina. She was the one who stated that she once did crack with Whitney. Is there any truth to anything these women say? Would we be surprised either way? Indifference is key to survive this onslaught on your intelligence, people.

One thing is for certain, Bobby’s sisters are welcome at the hospital where Bobbi Kristina continues to fight for her life. No, they’re not allowed to shoot their reality show in the hospital, but according to TMZ–which gets most things right–they’re debriefing once they’re home, offering their take on the whole situation. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Yes, Tina was also the sister who got in a fight with her son, Shayne, outside of the hospital, and hit him with a bottle. Pure class.

According to production sources, Bobby’s brother is also involved in the reality show. Nothing says you care deeply about a family member like taking their plight and profiting from it.

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