Bobbi Kristina Undergoes Tracheotomy Amidst Family Feuding

Photo by Greg Allen / Rex Features

Photo by Greg Allen / Rex Features

The condition of 21-year old Bobbi Kristina Brown remains critical as she remains on life support after her near drowning in her house in Atlanta, Georgia on January 31.

With little concrete updates on any improvements, it seems she has undergone a tracheotomy which is understood as a “normal procedure” for someone in her state.

“The trachetomy is a different place for the tube to go,” a source close to the family told People magazine. “Everything else remains the same. It’s a waiting game. The family is hoping and waiting.”

Although the surgery was performed the source says it is important to note that it does not mean there is any change in her condituon for the worse or better and is merely necessary if someone is on a breathing tube for an extended period of time.

“If you have a breathing tube down there for a long time, it can cause an infection. She is still critical and we don’t know what the outcome will be,” the source continued.

Meanwhile other sources are reporting that the families of Bobbi’s parents Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are feuding over what to do. “The peace that existed a week ago is gone now because you have several family members wanting to take the life support off and others, mainly Bobby Brown, saying he just won’t do it, and the decision ultimately rests on him.

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