BB King’s Daughters File Suit, Allege He Was Poisoned

Photo by Owen Sweeney / Rex

Photo by Owen Sweeney / Rex

These ladies better hope they have some substantial evidence to back their claims, otherwise, they’ll be in a world of hurt come counter-suit.

Karen Williams and Patty King, daughters of the late BB King, have filed a  lawsuit against two of BB King’s closest staff members: Business Manager, LaVerne Toney and Personal Assistant, Myron Johnson. According to the affidavit–and I’ll let you read this mess for yourself–their father was poisoned.

“I witnessed foreign substances and/or medication that were administered locked and hidden by Ms. Toney, leading me to believe she was administering medications or poisons into Mr. King’s body due to the non-transparency of her administration of said foreign objects, poisons, or medications. … Mr. Riley B. King was sequestered from all family members for a week prior to his death and the informant was the unlicensed individual who was administering foreign substances to Mr. King’s person.”

Say, what? Huge difference between those two claims that are suggested in the same sentence. “Medications or poisons…?”

It’s always interesting to to see the family’s reaction to the death of a beloved patriarch or matriarch when said individual was surrounded by people that the rest of the family didn’t like. That is not to say there is no criminal culpability in this case, and that BB King was not poisoned–he very well may have been; however, tossing out such a claim, one has to wonder: do these daughters know what this means for their late father?

BB King was ill. He was in a hospital, and returned home, opting for hospice care. One of his wishes was to avoid postmortem. Sadly, these allegations are one of a criminal nature, and this will mean an autopsy is necessary to prove or disprove their allegations.

Meanwhile, their late father’s lawyer Brent Bryson dismissed the allegations, stating, “I hope they have a factual basis for their defamatory and libelous allegations.” “This is extremely disrespectful to B.B. King,” he continued. “He did not want invasive medical procedures. He made the decision to return home for hospice care instead of staying in a hospital. These unfounded allegations have caused Mr. King to undergo an autopsy, which is exactly what he didn’t want.”



James Sheldon