Avril Lavigne Sick? Singer Asks Fans For Prayers

Photo by KCR/REX

Photo by KCR/REX

Canadian born singer Avril Lavigne has had her moments in the spotlight, from her rise to fame as a pop-princess with a punk look to her first marriage to Sum 41 legend Deryck Whibley.

Aside from the fact that, like most celebrity couples, Lavigne and her current husband, Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger, are constantly plagued by divorce rumors, the 30-year old hasn’t been seen in public for several months.

While not an initial cause for concern, it seems Lavigne has admitted the reason for her absence is because of “health issues.”

On Sunday (Dec. 7) ┬áLavigne apparently sent a direct message to AvrilMusicChart writing, “I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them no why I’ve been absent. I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.”

She then, Avril publicly replied to well wishes from the account with a “thank you” seemingly verifying it was indeed her who said she is experiencing undisclosed health problems.

Aside from the thanks, she has not further commented on her condition nor has a rep for her or her husband, although many are speculating perhaps she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Kroeger made sure to clear up rumors about divorce saying he even has to calm down his own family who hears things through the “rumor mill” and he finds it “very amusing.”

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