Ashley Judd Recalls Traumatic Sexual Assault, Setting Social Media Precedent

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

This piece should be entitled, “Don’t mess with Ashley Judd…”

…but what really needs to be said: “We should all be so happy she’s doing this.”

What exactly is Ashley doing? We’ll get to that. Hold tight for a moment. Let’s set the stage.

Ashley Judd is a Kentucky girl. She loves Kentucky basketball. Not likes… She loves. She recently took to Twitter while the Kentucky Wildcats were playing the Arkansas Razorbacks in the SEC Tournament Final, and suggested the Razorbacks were “playing dirty.” What followed wasn’t a playful rivalry, or worthwhile counterpoints of “you have no idea what you’re talking about actress…” It was disturbing–comments that were over-the-line, and straight-up illegal. People going so far as to threaten rape… via Twitter.

Yes. People are really that stupid.

And that, as they say, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As many are jumping on Ashley’s Kentucky bandwagon for March Madness, Ashley is jumping into the passenger seat of Curt Schilling’s bandwagon of holding cyber bullies accountable for their actions.

Ashley plans to press charges against the people who crossed the line via social media, because frankly, everyone is sick and tired of people having it out with perfect strangers online, hiding behind a bunch of ones and zeros in the form of digital communication.

Ashley offered an short essay on the overarching problem and issue we’re dealing with, regarding violence toward women, and how she was the victim of sexual assault, rape and incest in her youth. For the courageous few who have experienced any such thing, and are bold enough to speak about it, you’re marching on thin ice to cross one of them using terms like “rape” in a joking or threatening manner.

From a man who’s sick of mouthy little boys on the Internet: More power to you, Ashley.

For more on the story, check out the video below:


James Sheldon