Arby’s Creates Hilarious Commercials To Say Goodbye To Jon Stewart

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As Jon Stewart prepares to air his very last show tonight, August 6, everyone is getting ready to say goodbye to him as The Daily Show host, everyone including Arby’s.

The fast-food chain has been a subject of much disdain from Stewart who picked on them almost as much as he did Fox News and CNN. In honor of the “special” relationship between the hilarious host and the fast-food business coming to an end, Arby’s has created two advertisements that will air during the series finale.

Over the years, Stewart has hurled joking insults at Arby’s including, “technically it’s food;” “the meal that’s a dare for your colon;” and “Arby’s, for when you’re wondering what it tastes like when a cow dies.” In one of the videos, Arby’s plays a montage of some of the insults to the tune of the Golden Girls theme, ending with, “Not sure why, but we will miss you.”

The second commercial shows off their new sandwich, The Daily Deli, which was in fact named after The Daily Show. The commercial states, “This is the last sandwich Arby’s ever wanted to make because it means he’s really leaving. This sandwich with double corned beef and deli mustard on marble rye, it’s for Jon, but also it’s for all of us, to eat at Arby’s whenever the sad thought comes back.”

While many would question why Arby’s would want to advertise during The Daily Show given all the bad press Stewart gives them, Arby’s chief exeuctive Paul Brown told the Wall Street Journal that Jon’s attention to the business has actually helped it. “Collectively, what is going on has resulted in uplift of business performance.”

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