Angelina Jolie’s Car Crash Involved Exploding Tires

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It wasn’t a safe weekend on the roads for some celebrities it seems.

David Beckham was involved in a pretty serious car crash in England after apparently pulling out in front of an oncoming vehicle, resulting in extensive damage to both vehicles.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie was in a car accident of her own after the hired SUV that she was riding in lost control on a slippery, wet road which caused two of the tires to explode.

The car ended up colliding with a median at a significant speed but there was reportedly little damage to the vehicle and no injury to those inside. The actress was later picked up by a different vehicle.

The accident occurred after Jolie was leaving a screening for a new film which she directs, Unbroken.

Aside from that minor “bump in the road”, everything has been smooth sailing for Jolie lately, with Unbroken already creating a ton of Oscar buzz and caused the famed actress to admit she is thinking of a permanent career change to behind the camera.

Unbroken is set to hit theatres in North America on Christmas Day while Jolie is already creating anticipation for her next film, By the Sea, which she not only directs but also wrote and stars in alongside her husband, Brad Pitt.

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