Amy Winehouse’s Family Slam Documentary As ‘Misleading’

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Like many late celebrities, Amy Winehouse’s life was targeted by producers to become a documentary following her death in July 2011 and while her family originally supported the film, they are now calling it “unbalanced” and “misleading.”

The documentary, simply called “Amy,” was supposed to have its first screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May and, while that will still happen, a spokesperson for the family told People magazine that they wish to “disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film.”

Her family’s main issue seems to be with the director, Asif Kapadia, who they claim seems to show that they were not there for Winehouse in her troubled times and pressured her to continue performing instead of seeking help for her.

“It is both misleading and contains some basic untruths. The narrative is formed by the testimony of a narrow sample of Amy’s associates, many of whom had nothing to do with her in the last years of her life. Counter views expressed to the filmmakers did not make the final cut.”

As well as making untrue claims about the family not supporting Winehouse, the film also apparently portrays her father, Mitch, as a money-hungry father who has used the charity her family established in her name to make more money for himself after her death.

“I felt sick when I watched it for the first time. Amy would be furious. This is not what she would have wanted,” her father said in an interview.

A spokesperson for the film also made a statement to the magazine regarding the family’s claims.

“We came on board with the full backing of the Winehouse family and we approached the project with total objectivity. We conducted in the region of 100 interviews with people that knew Amy. The story that the film tells is a reflection of our findings from these interviews.”

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