American Idol Is Undergoing Some Big Changes

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American Idol is going in to its 14th season starting in January and like many long-running shows it has undergone changes and tweaks.

Some of the changes are to better the experience for audiences, while others are more dramatic such as the exits and entrances of judges which American Idol is no stranger to.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is host Ryan Seacrest who has been with the show since it’s inception. It was Seacrest, however, who revealed a big change for the show when it begins again on January 7, 2015.

“One of the things I’m actually looking forward to this year which is totally different: We’re going to do the performances show and the results in the same show. So there won’t be a ‘Wait ’til tomorrow night.’ There won’t be a ‘Coming up, coming up, coming up.’ We’re going to have to put it into one formatted night. So that’ll be exciting,” he told media on Friday December 12 in NYC.

The one-show format will not happen until the late stages in the competition however, with Seacrest saying it will happen around when it dwindles down to the top 10.

Along with the news of the cut back, long time sponsor Coca-Cola has also cut ties with the series as it heads into the new season. ”

I can confirm that Coca-Cola and Fox have mutually decided to end our 13-year American Idol partnership. After 13 years, we feel it is the right time for the Coca-Cola brand to venture into new spaces and pursue other opportunities to connect with teens and leverage music as a passion point,” a rep for Coca-Cola told E! News.

All of this is also surrounded by the news that the show’s longest running judge Randy Jackson will not be returning and will be replaced by music producer, Scott Borchetta, known for producing artists like Taylor Swift. Borchetta will be joining returning judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

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