American Idol: Harry Connick Jr. Shames Contestant For Sexy Song!

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Did you check out the first live show of American Idol? If you didn’t, you missed out.

Tis true… the show has some chops again. And the judges are cool to offer more than feedback based on musicality. Harry Connick Jr. did just that after Emily Piriz offered her rendition of “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.

Harry called attention to the fact that Emily recently turned 18, and remarked that she could sing whatever lyrics she wanted; however, he planted the seed that these lyrics might not be the ones that she really wanted to sing. Oh, mercy. A judge with some standards–this certainly won’t go over well in 2014, in an industry that is encouraging of young women to show it all, and then give it all away.

Hollywood Life suggested that Harry was a little overbearing, stating:

Harry hates this song and totally shamed her for it! … Harry. Chill. Anyway, the opinions of middle-aged men aside, they thought she sounded great, and so did we!

Thank you, Hollywood Life for that expertise on precisely how “square” Harry is.

But to offer a Fame10 counter. “Harry! Keep preaching to these kids!”

American Idol is clearly not about musical talent, it’s about some musical talent combined image and selling a product. Millions of those $1.29 iTunes singles + albums + concert tix. You’d think that someone from Hollywood Life might actually know a little bit more about the business aspect of show business, but it makes sense that they’re plugged into the current Hollywood m.o. of chew the kids up, bleed ’em dry and spit ’em out–so long as they look and sound good, great!

Harry Connick Jr. has been an icon in the realm of jazz music since he was a teenager. He has enjoyed success for over 30 years in the music industry, and his realm of influence has steadily increased. I met the guy when he was 29, and I’ve never been so impressed by a musician in my life. His desire to explore different genres, while always remaining true to a standard of quality was something that has continuously resonated. And if Emily Piriz will continue to listen to the advice he offers, I have a feeling that many years down the line, she’ll be thanking him for some wonderful career advice.

To see the heartfelt exchange between Harry and Emily, check out the video below.


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