Amanda Bynes Wants To Be… A Bartender?

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

Depending on your world perspective, the Amanda Bynes saga keeps getting better and better, or sadder and sadder. It is rumored that Amanda wants to become a bartender in order to scrape some scratch.

Amanda needs money. She currently doesn’t have access to the millions she’s got locked away in some financial institution, and she likely won’t have access to those funds anytime soon. At least, not until the judge agrees that she has been a good girl, and has held up her end of the bargain by seeing her therapists.

What’s a girl to do? Well, according to TMZ, Amanda is looking for a bartender gig, and thinks she’d be happy slinging drinks to make a few bucks. Any bar looking to welcome a circus to town would be happy to have her. It would increase business exponentially, and then, once the Amanda fever dies down, they could fire her and move on.

Isn’t that precisely what the entertainment industry did with her?

At present, Amanda is alleged to only receive some $50-100 a day for living expenses. That’s not a lot. Sure, she’s not paying rent or a mortgage at present, but unless you’re savvy in the kitchen, $1,500-3,000 per month is gonna be tough to get by on. Or maybe it’s not, considering her given circumstances.

It’ll be interesting to see if Amanda grabs a gig tending bar. If she does, I’ll do you fine folks a favor and stop by for a drink… report back. Sometimes you just wanna see things for yourself–double check you haven’t been the victim of the spin cycle.


James Sheldon