Amanda Bynes Threatens To Kill Her Father (Audio)

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

At Fame10, we’re not sure if you fine readers are aware that Amanda Bynes has had some troubles. And by troubles, we mean that she has completely flipped her lid.

In the saddest case of the saddest celebrity downward spiral story of the last couple years, Amanda Bynes has allegedly been recorded making claims that she would like to kill her father. No, she doesn’t believe killing is OK, so she would never do that, but she does suggest that dragging him into a ditch and slitting his throat would be quite satisfactory. All of this, according to Amanda, heard in the video recording below.

This case continues to get stranger and stranger, and the public needs some insight, because Amanda might be a public danger, and belong behind bars. Or, maybe her father does. In the audio below, Amanda seems like she’s on some type of psychotropic drug as she yammers, completely coherent, yet lacking cohesive thought.

One does begin to wonder if Amanda has more than a few suppressed, terrifying memories of her relationship to her parents, or if she started hanging with the wrong crowd, fried her brain on illegal substances, then declared a subsequent war against her parents because they stepped in to intervene.

It’s one big ball of confusion. And why do we care? Because it’s a train wreck, without a train. It’s like watching a person walk a tightrope without a net. You have no vested interest in the person, yet there’s something inside you that either makes you want to help, or suggests you’d rather watch the person fall.

Here’s to hoping Amanda can sort some of this mess out in therapy, and “find” herself. If you haven’t heard the audio of her quasi-terrifying rant, check out the video below.


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