Amanda Bynes Scores A Win: ‘Bong Tossing’ Case Dismissed In Court

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The adage states: It’s always darkest before dawn. Could Amanda Bynes be clawing out of her stupor? No one has been able to figure out what happened to the once very popular screen darling, who was as beloved off-screen as she was on. But a judge has taken pity on the former starlet, and has tossed the case that stemmed from her alleged incident of throwing a bong out a NYC apartment window.

Score this one a victory for Team Bynes. And not just because the case was tossed from the judicial process. This real victory lies in the fact that Amanda stayed out of trouble for six months, rendering the case null, based on a prejudicial agreement. Ultimately, this means the former What I Like About You star, now 28, has been trouble free for quite some time.

After enduring a sequence of legal troubles, and odd social (especially social media) behavior, Amanda withdrew. She entered an in-patient facility for some rehabilitation, then continued on a path of new discovery, enrolling in fashion design courses at a local college, before jumping into the mix at FIDM.

We can all look at Amanda, and attest to one fact: Drugs will mess you up. The blonde beauty looks healthy again, and her presence in social media is steeped in grace and well-wishing. No more heinous backbiting and WTF from this girl. She seems to be on a path that is a little more straight and narrow. Even if it’s broad, there have been no detours to Crazytown.

As often as the media persecutes, and shamefully delights in the downfall of fellow human beings, it’s worth saying kudos to Amanda for getting her life back together.


James Sheldon