Aaron Paul Teases Another ‘Breaking Bad’ Season With Amazing Prank

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Aaron Paul loves to kid around. Loves to laugh. Loves to get the better of people on the backside of a prank. He delivered again when he sat down with the crew at Huffington Post to offer an interview.

Aaron was asked about a recent Bryan Cranston interview, because the man who played Walter White suggested that we never technically saw Walt’s last breath. We never saw authorities put him in a body bag–zip it closed. This, of course, was just a prodding of the fact that people want more. Breaking Bad was one of the best shows in television history, because it left people wanting more.

When asked about this interview, Aaron decided to up the ante, much in the way Jesse Pinkman would attempt to out-do Walter White. He’s a funny guy. And he offered his take on the “future” of Breaking Bad with complete sincerity. He led everyone down a hallway toward a very beautifully set table, where they would partake in a gourmet meal reflective of gluttonous desire… more, more, more. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Knowing what you’re about to see is a prank, it is fun to muse. What would happen if there were a seventh season of Breaking Bad? Walt Jr. taps into his dark side, and corners the regional drug market through high schools?

Check out the video below to see a wonderfully sincere delivery, and the fresh fish take the bait as if it was tailor-made for their personal desire. It’s just an example of how everyone in the news media longs to break headlines. Sadly, there can only be one TMZ.

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