Aaron Paul Slams Toys R Us, Barbie On Twitter

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Aaron Paul is not happy with Toys R Us!

The Breaking Bad star, 35, took to Twitter to complain after Toys R Us stopped selling Breaking Bad action figures as a result of an angry mom’s petition.

“Their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values,” wrote a Florida mom in her petition on change.org last week.

When Toys R Us pulled the action figures from their shelves and said the toys were on an “indefinite sabbatical,” Aaron got upset, pointing out the other kinds of “toys” that the retailer still sells.

“Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad figures from their shelves and still sells Barbie?” he wrote on Twitter. “Hmmmm…I wonder what is more damaging?”

He continued: “And what about all the violent video games you sell @ToysRUs ? Do you still sell those? Florida mom really messed it up for everyone.”

Aaron also linked to another change.org petition asking Toys R Us to continue selling the Breaking Bad action figures. Check out the video to see the rest of Aaron’s rant!

Do you think it’s appropriate for Toys R Us to sell action figures from Breaking Bad? Let us know in the below!

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