’13 Reasons Why’ Star Katherine Langford Reveals How She Handled The Heavy Material

Beth Dubber / ©Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Beth Dubber / ©Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Netflix has had a lot of success with their original series, and one of the most talked about has become 13 Reasons Why which premiered on March 31st.

In the short time since, everyone has been talking about the 13-episode series which takes a raw, honest, and extremely powerful approach to depicting the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who takes her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes outlining how people in her life influenced her decision.

The series not only tackles suicide, but it also contains tales and depictions of bullying, sexual harassment, and rape, with episodes including warnings because of the graphic depictions. In the lead role is little known Australian actress Katherine Langford, who many can’t believe this was her first major role because of her excellence in the role. Now, Langford has opened up about how she dealt with leaving Australia behind to film this extremely heavy series and how she dealt with the material.

“I watched a lot of The Office, but I didn’t get to go home until we were well and truly done, so,” she told E! News.

Her co-star, Dylan Minnette, who stars as Clay Jensen, added, “Poor Katherine’s from Australia, so she had no choice to go home and take a break. We filmed in Northern California, I lived in L.A. I would escape for 24 hours at a time and go and Katherine was stuck.”

Langford, however, dealt with the bleak material not only by watching The Office, but also by listening to music. “For me, what kind of eased it was that when I got there we had to find locations to live and inhabit for the next six months. The first thing I put in my apartment was a piano. I bought one for $50 and it was a lifesaver because I just went home and played and played…I’m sure I annoyed everyone on the same floor,” she said.

Now, the cast and crew behind 13 Reasons Why are absolutely blown away by the reception the show has gotten, and are sending messages of love and hope to those who the series is resonating with.

On the one week anniversary of the show’s premiere on Netflix, Langford took to her Instagram to speak to fans. “Marking one week since 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix, and the response has been so overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has watched and responded to the show so far. This is a story I feel affects so many people, and I’m proud we were able to tell it in the way that we did.” She continued, “Even though this is a show/ there for entertainment, if at any point you or someone you know needs help, please go to 13ReasonsWhy.info for resources and information. Additionally, if you’ve just finished the season, ’13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons’ is available on Netflix also. Please know that you are never alone, and that there are places to go and people who care.”

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