Meghan Markle Looks That The Queen Wouldn’t Approve Of

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To join the royal family there is a definite list of dos and don’ts when it comes to fashion etiquette. We saw Kate Middleton transition from style staples of Ugg boots and sweatpants to a wardrobe filled with tea dresses and fascinators, and we’re quite certain soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle will be required to make the same adjustments. It’s clear Markle is in the transition process of adjusting her wardrobe, and so far, she’s had a few standout fashion moments that we presume the Queen did not approve of based on our knowledge of royal fashion standards. Follow along to learn more about 19 of the risky looks Meghan Markle has worn that we’re not convinced the Queen would totally approve of:

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19. Pantsuit

One of the Queen’s preferences for the Duchesses is that they opt for skirts and dresses over trousers when it comes to public engagements. Meghan Markle, however, being the feminist and fashionista she is, has overlooked this rule multiple times throughout her royal reign. A trouser set can be just as sophisticated and elegant as a dress, and we’re glad that Markle realizes this as well despite the Queen’s opinion!

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18. Leather Skirt

We’ve never seen a royal step out wearing an edgy leather outfit, until Meghan Markle that is! Royal fans, and certainly the Queen, were shocked when the Duchess of Sussex stepped out wearing this risky leather skirt in early October. While the forest green look is undeniably edgy, the great thing about it is that the leather gives off a high-fashion, sleek feel while still remaining elegant and modest enough for a Royal.

Source: Press Association

17. High Slit

On October 22, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted on a casual stroll in Australia walking towards a meeting with individuals at Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. The duo looked comfy and casual for the Australian heat, but we’re not totally sure the Queen would have approved of Markle’s breezy Reformation dress. While we actually are really big fans of this striped linen number, it didn’t seem the most appropriate choice for a royal because of its dangerously high slit! The royals tend to favor modest, conservative hemlines, and this high-slit number most definitely does not fall in that category.

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16. Wedges

Another one of Meghan’s Australian royal tour looks that the Queen likely wouldn’t approve is this flowery dress and espadrille combo she wore in Fiji. The Queen has openly expressed her distaste towards wedge heels, and so much so that we noticed Kate Middleton stopped wearing them entirely. Markle may not have gotten the hint yet, but we’re quite certain the Queen would scoff at her choice of footwear with this look.

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15. Sheer Skirt

For one of Meghan Markle’s last appearances on the Australian Royal tour, she stepped out wearing this royal blue outfit that definitely turned quite a few heads, but we’re not sure whether it was for the right reasons! Her dress was, unfortunately, completely see-through on the underside of the pleats. We’re not certain whether Markle was aware of how revealing the skirt was in the light, but one thing we do know is that the Queen most definitely wasn’t happy once these photos were released.

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14. Off-The-Shoulder Necklines

Royals are always quite modest with their necklines and it’s an unspoken rule from the Queen to cover up while making public appearances. Although Markle’s off-the-shoulder number isn’t overly revealing, it’s definitely a fresh take on royal style and something a little more daring. We love how she still looks polished and professional as a respectable public figure, but still incorporates trends and her own personal taste in her looks. The Queen, however, might have a different opinion on Meghan’s boundary-breaking fashion tastes like this cold-shoulder top!

Source: Press Association

13. Mismatched Earrings

Meghan Markle is quite untraditional when it comes to fashion, and especially when it comes to accessories. One of the most notable style moments that broke boundaries was when she stepped out wearing two mismatched earrings. Royals typically opt for minimalist jewelry that features dainty diamonds or pearls and a look like this is definitely trendy rather than timeless, which is a royal style standard we’re not used to. Although we appreciate Meghan breaking boundaries and staying true to her own personal style, we’re not sure the Queen would approve see this trend as appropriate during a royal outing.

Source: Press Association

12. Pants vs. Dresses

Meghan Markle definitely surprised the world when she recently stepped out wearing these wide leg pants for a public appearance. Previously it was expected for royal women to wear skirts and dresses for official outings, but Markle has often opted for tailored pants instead. We love that despite joining the royal family, Markle still continues to stay true to her personal style and clothing preferences. Although we appreciate this shift forward, we’re not entirely sure the Queen would approve of this soon-to-be royal’s style preferences breaking royal protocol!

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11. All Black

Queen Elizabeth is known for her bright, eccentric wardrobe and almost always steps out wearing a bold pop of color. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has seemingly followed suit and tends to lean towards colorful pastels and bright pieces within her own wardrobe! Meghan Markle, however, has proved with her latest public appearances that she will continue to stay true to her own love of neutrals and black. We think she looks totally chic and minimalist with this head-to-toe black ensemble, but we’re not sure the Queen would say the same!


10. Statement Jewelry

It’s rare to see the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing exaggerated costume jewelry of any sort. Instead, the Duchess often opts for dainty diamonds or pearls, which we presume will be a transition that Meghan Markle will pursue once she becomes an official royal. Based on her previous public appearances, Markle tends to lean towards an edgier wardrobe, so statement jewelry might be a difficult trend for her to give up going forward!

Source: Press Association

9. Low Cut Neckline

Low cut necklines are a staple red carpet trend for Hollywood actresses, but this look will definitely not fly for Markle as she transitions from celebrity to royal figure! The royals tend to opt for modest necklines and cuts, often not even showing their knees, so we’re quite certain Markle will not be allowed to wear skin-baring looks like this low-cut metallic number going forward. Being a political figure of such stature definitely requires a certain level of modesty, and an edgy look like this definitely does not cut it.

Photo by Gregory Pace

8. Ripped Denim

Denim isn’t completely off the table with royals, and most notably, when Kate joined the family we noticed a subtle transition into more casual streetwear when appropriate. Kate, however, often opts for polished dark denim in a tailored skinny fit that comes across rather professional. Markle definitely has her own approach when it comes to denim and has been spotted on multiple occasions wearing distressed styles! Even on her first royal appearance with Prince Harry, the trendy star rocked faded jeans with slits the knees and a stringy, raw hemline. Although we love this edgy, casual look on Markle, we’re not certain the Queen would say the same!

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7. Dark Nail Polish

It’s not just distressed denim or cleavage that is out of the question with the Royals, but details as minimal as nail polish are also a factor that Markle will have to take into consideration! The ever-polished Kate Middleton has shockingly never been photographed wearing nail polish and Queen Elizabeth has maintained a soft pink manicure regime for over 30 years. Based on the beauty track record of her predecessors, we’re quite certain we won’t see Markle step out anytime soon with anything even close to black polish on her nails!

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6. Handbag vs. Clutch

Another unspoken royal fashion rule dictated by the Queen is to always carry a clutch versus a handbag or tote. The seemingly small style choice actually has quite a large significance in terms of public appearances! The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge almost always wear a clutch, which they often grasp with two hands, to avoid shaking hands with people. Whether she was aware of this protocol or not is completely unknown, but at one of her first public appearances with Prince Harry, Markle instead opted for a burgundy and navy tote bag.

(Jeremy Selwyn/Pool Photo via AP)

5. Short Skirts

Aside from cleavage-baring dresses, another royal style protocol surrounds dress length. Of all the Hollywood actresses, Meghan Markle has always been one the more modest side when it comes to fashion, but that’s not to say she’s by any means a stranger to a short hemline or two. By Hollywood standards, this patterned T-shirt dress is definitely modest, but in royalty, a knee-baring hemline like this won’t be acceptable for Markle anymore!

Photo by Erik Pendzich/Rex / Rex Features

4. Dramatic Smokey Eye

To go along with her edgy style, Meghan Markle is undeniably a huge fan of a gunmetal smoky eye! Prior to her royal linkage, Markle’s signature makeup look was light, glowy skin, a natural lip color, and a contrasting dark lid look. Royals such as Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are huge fans of the minimalist, natural makeup look, similar to their nail color, so we’re quite certain a dramatic eye look like the smokey eye won’t get the royal stamp of approval for Markle anytime soon!

Photo By: Emiley Schweich/Everett Collection

3. Wearing Canadian Brands

It’s an unspoken protocol that the royals support local fashion brands based out of the UK! Both Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton helped to put multiple British brands on the map by rocking local garments on a regular basis and helping to get British fashion brands in the public eye. Meghan Markle, however, has proven that majority of her wardrobe is Canadian-based and has no shame to rock pieces from the country in which she worked for many years.

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2. Messy Bun

The royal family is known for their polished and proper ways, especially when it comes to grooming. Kate Middleton never steps out without her shiny locks perfectly coiffed or her updos tucked into a sheer hairnet, which she most likely learned from her role model Queen Elizabeth. Markle, however, has proved that these prim and proper hairstyles are a royal tradition of the past and has recently stepped out on two separate occasions with her hair twisted into a loose, wispy bun with pieces left out to frame her face. The look is still undeniably elegant, but we’re not sure the Queen would see the style like this based on her own hairstyle track record!

Source: Press Associaton

1. No Stockings

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Avid royal fans were appalled when Meghan Markle stepped out to announce her engagement breaking one of the most expected royal style rules — always wear stockings! Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are both avid fans of a short tea dress, but always ensure to keep their look discreet by pairing sheer stockings underneath. One could argue that this dressing method is a way of the past, and Meghan Markle seems to agree by the looks of her public appearances with Prince Harry! She’s trendy, boundary-breaking and will definitely bring modernity into the traditional royal family when it comes to fashion.

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