Young And The Restless’ 7 Most Ridiculous Deaths

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Soap fans love a good piece of drama … why else would anyone tune in daily and weekly, right? For many viewers that hour (or hours) in the afternoon can be a guilty pleasure. Sure, things can seem over the top at times, but that is the entertainment of it all. When it comes to soap opera storylines, things can get a little out of hand and down-right ridiculous! Alas, sometimes soap opera deaths (and the situations round them) can be the most outrageous of all. Below is a list of seven Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) most ridiculous deaths.

7. Skye And The Volcano

Despite her shorter tenure on the show, Skye Lockhart sure died and came back to life a lot. Adam Newman helped her frame her own death in 2008 and then his dad Victor did the same in 2010. But who knew her real demise would be at the hands of a … volcano? Later in 2010, while Sharon was desperately trying to find Skye to prove she wasn’t dead and Adam hadn’t killed her, she found Lockhart near a volcano. While Skye was trying to take the camera that had evidence on it that she was still alive, she slipped and fell into the smoldering lava pit. Seriously folks, do they not barricade these things in Hawaii?

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6. Phillip Chancellor’s Death By Cliff

If we rewind time we’ll find a death that occurred over 40 years ago in Genoa City in 1975. A young (and poor manicurist) Jill Abbott was able to swoon handsome, rich, and distinguished Phillip Chancellor away from Katherine Chancellor while the two were married. Phillip wanted to divorce Katherine, marry Jill and live their happily ever after. Katherine did not want that to happen. On the way back from picking him up at the airport, Katherine tried to convince good old Phil to reconcile, but he rejects her. Mad, she swerves the car and drives over a cliff (very dramatic, yet very A-typical … soaps just love when characters drive over cliffs to their looming death). Ironically, she survived and Phillip didn’t, thus the Katherine/Jill rivalry was official born.

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