Young And The Restless’ 7 Greatest BFFs

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5. Sharon Newman and Drucilla Winters

Sharon and Dru became rather close years ago when they worked on a cosmetics project together called, “Beauty of Nature.” Sharon did some personal appearances as the spokeswoman and Dru accompanied her on these. They also probably bonded over their mutual dislike of Phyllis Summers, but ironically Phyllis was at the helm of their friendship coming to an end. It was in 2007 that Phyllis and Sharon would start fighting near a cliff during a photo shoot. Dru tried to separate them and she and Sharon fell into the river. Sharon was found and saved, but sadly, Drucilla’s body was never recovered.

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4. Paul Williams and Lauren Fenmore

Lauren and Paul were romantically linked in the 1980s and even married at one point. The relationship that started off as super couple status would eventually land in the friends’ zone. However, this is a good thing. Paul and Lauren have maintained a lovely friendship over the years and Williams saved Lauren’s butt (from rival Sheila) on more than one occasion. They are so much better off as just friends.

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