The Bachelor’s 9 Most Notorious Villains Ranked

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With almost every season of The Bachelor comes a new villain so, as you can imagine, over the last 21 seasons of the show, there have been A LOT of villains. While some are kind of forgettable, there are a number that are seared into Bachelor fans minds forever. Here are 9 of them ranked. While some of them managed to earn our sympathy, there are a few that can never redeem themselves.

9. Michelle Money

Michelle Money didn’t win people over on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor with her aggressive behavior and snarky comments but, according to her, she looked like a villain because of how the footage was edited. This may be true. After watching her on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise, she doesn’t seem so bad.

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8. Olivia Caridi

When Olivia Caridi appeared on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, the majority of viewers (and the other ladies) loathed her thanks to her aggressive behavior and arrogant attitude, and many thought that she was on The Bachelor to further her career. Although Ben initially gave her the first impression rose, he broke up with her and left her on a deserted island as he sailed off with Emily, and no one in Bachelor nation felt that bad for her.


7. Tierra Licausi

Tierra Licausi ended up alienating all of the other women vying for Sean Lowe’s heart during season 17 of The Bachelor. She became known for her tantrums and the ridiculous things she would say – i.e. “Don’t let them steal your sparkle.” She proved she was even more desperate when she showed up at the Women Tell All special wearing a giant diamond on her ring finger, only for news to come out months later that the engagement was called off. Hate to say that we saw this coming a mile off…

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6. Vienna Girardi

During Jake Pavelka’s season, Vienna Girardi was the big villain. With the rude things she said to the other women combined with her spoiled little rich girl shtick, it was obvious that she came on The Bachelor to win and win she did! Unfortunately, the engagement didn’t last and she and Pavelka ended up breaking up on live TV.

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5. Rozlyn Papa

Rozlyn Papa ended up earning herself a reputation as one of The Bachelor’s villains when she was caught cheating having an inappropriate relationship with a producer when she was supposed to be there vying for Jake Pavelka’s heart. She has denied that anything inappropriate happened between her and said producer and called the accusations a ploy for ratings, but Chris Harrison maintained that she had a physical relationship with a producer, which is why they were both kicked off the show.

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4. Trish Schneider

Trish Schneider didn’t make any friends on Jesse Palmer’s season of The Bachelor and she cemented her place as one of the show’s most disliked villains when she wore a t-shirt that said, “Gold Digger–Like a Hooker Just Smarter.” It was shocking that Palmer kept her around so long, especially after his real life best friend, who posed as one of the contestants on the show to spy on the women, told him Schneider needed to go. It took another contestant telling him that Schneider wanted him for the wrong reasons for him to finally wise up.

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3. Kelsey Poe

Kelsey Poe earned herself the reputation as the villain in Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor when she boasted about her “amazing” story, which included her being widowed a couple years prior. We’re not so sure what is so amazing about being widowed at such a young age or why someone would boast about a story like that, but Poe proved to be an odd one. She wasn’t very nice to the other women and was also really manipulative. Faking a panic attack to avoid being eliminated – only she would pull that kind of stunt!

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2. Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios is The Bachelor’s newest villain. During Nick Viall’s season, she’s proven herself to be spoiled, ruthless and over-confident. Even worse is the fact that Viall seems to be into it. Corinne’s been annoying viewers (and the other women on the show) with her antics since day one. From taking her bikini top off during her bridal-themed photo shoot to sleeping through a rose ceremony to refusing to do any farm work during a group date, she just impossible to like.

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1. Courtney Robertson

When Courtney Robertson said that she didn’t come on The Bachelor to make friends, she meant it! Even though the other ladies warned Ben Flajnik that Robertson was hustling him, he didn’t listen and she ended up winning his final rose. After the show aired, he finally saw the light and dumped her but, like any good hustler, she decided to capitalize on her notoriety with a memoir called I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.

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