Why Kelly Osbourne’s Mom Hates Her Head Tattoo

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(NEW YORK) — Kelly Osbourne made sure to say “Sorry mum and dad but I love it!” when she posted a picture of her head tattoo “Stories…” on Twitter last week.

Earlier this week on Good Morning America, the singer and actress added that her mother Sharon wasn’t a fan of the new ink.

“None of my family are happy with it, but that’s okay, they are entitled to their opinion,” she said of the tattoo that she said has a lot of meaning for a secret project.

She continued, “My mom will always see me as the pretty little blonde girl, that my hair used to be the color of gold. My natural hair color is blonde and when I go in the sun, it turns this gold color, my mom wants me to remain like a little tiny doll, like I was when I was a little girl and I’m not. All moms want their daughters to be perfect, having a tattoo on the side of your head and a mohawk isn’t exactly every mother’s dream and I can understand that.”

Osbourne, who plays original Disney villain Hildy Gloom on the new show 7D, which is a new take on the Seven Dwarfs, said she’s been embracing her differences like a new tattoo and a purple mohawk, and a lot of this confidence comes from an unlikely source — Pharrell Williams.

The two had a heart-to-heart talk recently when she appeared in his new video “Marilyn Monroe.”

“He basically picked out every little thing I thought was wrong with myself and told me that’s what made me special and that’s what made me beautiful and that’s what made me different and to be different is the best thing that you can be,” she said. “I was always embarrassed by my difference and with that one conversation, I was no longer embarrassed.”

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