Meghan Markle Royal Controversy: The Latest Revelations

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For the past couple of weeks, the royal rumor mill has been working in over drive and there have a been a number of controversies that have been reported that involve Meghan Markle. How true any of the rumors are remains to be seen, but follow along for all of the latest revelations:

14. Meghan Has Shaken Things Up at the Palace

Meghan has really shaken things up since Prince Harry first brought her into the royal fold. A source described her to The Daily Mail as “opinionated” and that Harry is determined that she get whatever she wants. According to this insider, Meghan hasn’t forged a close relationship with Kate, but there wasn’t a dramatic falling out.

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13. Meghan and Kate Just Don’t Get Along

Other sources told The Daily Mail that Meghan and Kate do not get along and that the former television star is “an acquired taste” and isn’t to Kate’s liking. Meghan reportedly is still getting used to the royal lifestyle and all of the constraints that come with it.

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12. They Are Separating Their Offices

For more than a decade, Prince Harry and Prince William have shared a communications office and general staff; however, now that Meghan is part of the equation, the brothers have decided to separate their offices. Royals author Sally Bedell Smith told PEOPLE that one of the reasons that they are separating their offices is because they don’t share the same interests. “Meghan has very strong views on what she is interested in and that may be what Harry shares, but not what William and Kate share,” she said.

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11. Meghan Is Very Opinionated

A source told The Daily Mail that Meghan is quite opinionated and lately Harry has become very dictatorial, both of which have caused tension with Prince William and Kate Middleton. In spite of this tension, people are still genuinely pleased to see Harry and Meghan so happy together.

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10. Meghan Made Kate Cry Days Before Her Wedding

According to the Daily Telegraph, Meghan and Kate had an argument over bridesmaid dresses in the days leading up to her and Harry’s wedding, which left Kate in tears. Two separate sources confirmed this. An insider said, “Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional.”

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9. There Was a Falling Out Last Christmas

There was a falling out between Prince William and Prince Harry last Christmas. Harry reportedly told his brother that he didn’t think that he was doing enough to welcome Meghan into the family. According to one of their mutual friends, “Harry felt William wasn’t rolling out the red carpet for Meghan and told him so. They had a bit of a fall out which was only resolved when Charles stepped in and asked William to make an effort. That’s when the Cambridges invited the Sussexes to spend Christmas with them.”


8. Meghan Was Rude

When Meghan and Prince Harry spent Christmas with Prince William and Kate at Anmer Hall, it didn’t go well and was marred by a “ghastly row” between the couples. According to one senior royal aide, the reason that it didn’t go well was because Meghan was judged to been “downright rude.”


7. Kate Has Tried to Explain Royal Life to Meghan

A source told The Daily Mail that Kate has sat down with Meghan on numerous occasions over tea to try to explain to her how the royal family works, but her advice has never gone over well with Meghan.

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6. William Had Doubts About Meghan

One of Prince William’s closest friends told The Daily Mail that he had doubts about how suitable Meghan would be as his brother’s bride and that he voiced these concerns, which got the attention of the Queen and Harry. “The problem is that the Cambridges felt things had moved very quickly between Harry and Meghan. Wills particularly was worried and felt close enough to Harry to voice his thoughts,” the friend said.

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5. Meghan Is Very Demanding

According to Page Six, those around her claim that she can be difficult and demanding. She will bombard staff with emails and calls as early as 5 a.m. Staff reportedly gossip about Meghan and Harry and are predicting that the union will be over within five years.

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4. Meghan and Kate Are Doing Their Best to Get Along

Meghan and Kate try their best to get along but, at the end of the day, they are two different people who come from very different places. It seems almost natural that they would rub each other the wrong way. Kate is one that tows the royal line while Meghan is forceful and opinionated after navigating the tough world of showbiz.

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3. Meghan Berated a Member of Kate’s Staff

Before Meghan and Harry’s wedding, she reportedly berated one of Kate’s staff. The Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t impressed and told Meghan, “That’s unacceptable, they’re my staff and I speak to them,” and this led to a falling out between the two duchesses.

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2. Kate Feels Like Prince Harry Is Changing

Kate has allegedly told friends that she feels as though Harry has changed since he met Meghan. “She and Harry have always had a very close relationship, but she said things were different,” a friend of hers told The Daily Mail.

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1. Kensington Issued a Denial

Following the tabloid reports that there is tension between Meghan and Kate, Kensington Palace issued a rare denial on December 2, 2018. Regarding the news that Kate snapped at Meghan for berating a member of her staff, the Palace said, “This never happened.”

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