Meghan Markle’s Beauty Evolution

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Meghan Markle has definitely come a long way from her pre-actress days to her current status as a soon-to-be royal! She’s been in the public eye for over a decade, which means we’ve had the ability to see her taste in beauty transform significantly. Markle has previously admitted to being a beauty junkie and based on some of her early smokey eye looks, she’s definitely no newbie when it comes to cosmetics and beauty trends. Despite the differences in beauty routines, one thing we can say with complete certainty is that Markle has always been an absolute beauty! Follow along to see how Meghan Markle has transitioned from her early days in the spotlight to her newfound status as Prince Harry’s wife to be:

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In 2006 Meghan Markle was still quite young and clearly still trying to figure out her go-to beauty style! She appeared at a Great Chefs of LA event wearing a fresh-faced look that allowed her youthful freckles to shine. She kept things relatively natural and wore a simple buff of bronzer on her cheeks and a swipe of light pink lip gloss. At this point, her eyebrows were quite thin and patchy, which is definitely a point of transition in her beauty look for the years to come. As for eye makeup, the brunette beauty played up the chocolate tones of her eyes by contrasting with a swipe of fun, blue shadow. She kept her hair fuss-free and simply pulled it back in a bun off her face.

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By 2007, Markle was still rocking her non-fuss and girl-next-door roots when it came to beauty. She appeared at the Kari Feinstein Pre-Emmy Style Lounge wearing a classic baseball cap, which is a style she would often return to in the coming years. As for makeup, she continued to rock hues of blue with a navy mascara and rocked a soft, peach tint on her cheeks and lips. Her makeup is ultra natural and still allows her freckles to show, which we love! As for hair, she didn’t seem to do much styling at this point in her career and simply left it down and untamed.

Source: Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage for Kari Feinstein

August 2011

By 2011 Meghan Markle was still rocking her tresses with a warm tint! She played up her beauty routine to compliment this hair color by rocking warm bronzes and peach-tones in a smokey eye style on her lids. She definitely knows what works for her and contrasted the soft, bronzed eye with a stark black eyeliner along the rims of her eyes. For the rest of her look, she kept things glowy and rosy and topped the look with a nude lip. We love this tousled, messy updo on Markle and think it definitely encapsulates the effortless sophistication she seems to exude with her sense of style.

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January 2012

Only a few months later in January 2012, Markle stepped out with a fresh hair color that was more of a true chocolate brown. We definitely think this look is less harsh on Markle and a little less obviously dyed! She switched up her part to a softer side-swept look and her hair was freshly layered to frame her face. For makeup, Markle opted for a more simple eye look that seemed to consist mostly of dark eyeliner on the upper lashline and a few false lashes. She rocked a coral cheek and a soft Barbie pink lip.

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November 2012

In November of that same year, Markle stepped out with her hair tinted a darker shade of brunette but still continued to keep the slight red undertones with subtle lowlights throughout! In 2012 Markle would be in the midst of filming Suits and her look definitely seemed to be a little more glamorous and elevated after stepping onto the Hollywood scene. She wore her hair in teased, voluminous curls rather than the natural, tousled wave she previously rocked and amped up her makeup game with a classic smoky eye in shades of black and grey. She rocked heavy bronzer on her cheeks and a mid-toned mauve lip. This look is definitely the epitome of glitz and glamour and it was clear Markle’s girl-next-door, fresh-faced look was a beauty routine of the past.

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November 2013

One full year later in November of 2013, Markle returned back to her original days of raven-colored locks! The dark shade is definitely a nice contrast with the warm, caramel tones of her eyes and makes them pop. By 2013 Markle also had her eyebrow game down a little more and began to fill them in which framed her face nicely. For makeup, she opted for a silver and grey lid which she paired with a set of false lashes on the outer edge of her eye to bring a little more drama. With this look, she truly allowed her eyes to shine by keeping everything else quite minimal. Rather than a heavy bronzed look or a contoured cheek, Markle rocked a light, natural wash of pink on her cheeks and lips.

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June 2015

By June 2015, Markle had absolutely mastered the dramatic Hollywood smokey eye! Her brows were full, strongly arched and perfectly framed her dark eyes, which she played up with shades of bronze, black, and grey. For extra drama, Markle added a full set of false lashes and rimmed her upper lash line and lower waterline with stark black eyeliner. To add a sculpted effect to her face, Markle contoured her cheeks and added an apricot-tint to her lips and the apples of her cheeks. Her hair was full, glamorous and cascaded in tousled waves down her back.

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January 2016

In January 2016 Markle brought even more drama with her look by opting for a bright lip! Markle rarely rocked anything other than neutrals on her lips, which made this appearance in 2016 a standout public appearance for her when it came to beauty. She definitely had the Audrey Hepburn-inspired brow down pat and her smoky eye became even more intense and smoldering. For this particular look, she played up the shades of cranberry in her dress by rocking similar warm tones on her eyelid. She definitely sculpted and contoured her cheekbones and rocked a dark, wine-colored lipstick. This look is definitely one of her boldest looks yet, and we love the drama and dimension this look gives her face!

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May 2016

Later in 2016, Markle stepped out in a similar dramatic look, but this time with less color! The look consisted of a relatively natural eye but the drama really came from the heavy set of false lashes she rocked. Her skin was dewy and luminous and her lips were tinted with a mid-toned shade of a mature berry tone. This look is the epitome of her Suits character Rachel Zane, especially with the soft, side-swept waves and the sophisticated button-up and blazer outfit combo.

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November 2017

November 2017 was a huge month for Markle as she stepped out to announce to the world that she was officially engaged to Prince Harry! Many wondered how the actress would transition her look from glamorous actress to modest royal and this appearance definitely proved to be a transition in Markle’s beauty habits. Rather than her go-to smokey eye and false lashes, Markle instead opted for a bare minimum look which featured blended eyeliner on her top lash line and a natural swipe of mascara. Her face makeup was also quite minimal and rather than highlighting and contouring, she seemed to rock a natural flush of color on her cheeks and a mid-toned, neutral pink on her lip. Instead of opting for voluminous, perfectly coiffed curls, her hair fell in natural, polished waves around her face in traditional Kate Middleton fashion.


January 2018

After receiving the official royal stamp of approval, Markle stepped out being slightly more daring with her public appearances while on the arm of Prince Harry! It is quite expected that royals are perfectly groomed and polished while stepping out, but Markle instead rocked a tousled messy bun that seemed quite unconventional. We love the girl-next-door vibes of this look and definitely appreciate the fact that Markle hasn’t totally succumbed to the beauty pressures of being a royal and still stays true to her own personal style. Despite this look appearing somewhat undone, we love the effortless sophistication and elegance it exudes!

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Source: Press Association

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