Kristin Cavallari’s Missing Brother: 10 Latest Developments

Kristin Cavallari’s brother Michael has been missing since November 27 and we have all the details right here. If anyone knows anything please contact the Grand County Sheriff’s Office at 435-359-8115, otherwise join us as we take a look at the 10 latest developments in Michael Cavallari’s disappearance:

10. Jobless and Living with Dad

According to sources, Michael has been unemployed for some time. All he did all day was drink, chain-smoke cigarettes and play poker. Not only did he not have a job, he also lived with his dad, Dennis, in his $6.6 million mansion. He reportedly depended on his father, who is a wealthy commercial property developer, for financial support.

9. DUI and Other Driving Violations

Michael was arrested for DUI in November 2014 and received three years probation, $390 in fines, one day in jail, three months of attendance in a first offender alcohol program, as well as victim impact counseling. He’s also been convicted of other driving violations. In May 2014, he was found guilty of driving at an unsafe speed and in October 2013 he was nailed for unsafe passing and driving while using a cell. In July 2012, he was charged with petty theft, but those charges were dismissed.

8. Acting “Crazy”

According to neighbors, Michael behaved unpredictably and the police regularly visited his father’s property as a result. One neighbor recalls him ranting in the yard, “the CIA is coming to get me,” while another claims that Michael invited him to have a beer with him at 7 in the morning, only to get angry when the person refused. Another time, he and his girlfriend also had a huge fight in the middle of the night and he regularly played loud music until the early hours in the morning.

7. Kicked Out

Just a few months ago, Dennis kicked Michael out of his house. He has a few paying tenants that live on his property and they were quite disturbed by all of Michael’s “crazy” behavior so, to keep them happy, Michael had to go.

Source: Grand Country Sheriff

6. Arrest

Four days before Michael disappeared, he was arrested for making criminal threats against a woman, who reported seeing him outside her apartment with a shotgun. The two reportedly had a dispute in early November and she claims that he had continued to knock on her door for several weeks. Even though she previously called the police, she did not file charges. When police arrived at the scene this time, they arrested Michael after he admitted that he had a loaded shotgun in the trunk of his car and after they found more ammo in his home. According to the sheriff’s office, Michael denied “doing or saying anything” to the woman.

5. Car Found in a Ditch

Two weeks ago, Michael’s car was found abandoned in a ditch with the engine running and airbag deployed off a remote dirt road. According to police, there were no signs of foul play, but it was obvious that he missed the curve in the road, which is how he landed near the remote road. What police aren’t sure of is why he left the main highway and whether he was sober at the time.

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

4. Left his Phone

Strangely, his laptop and his phone were both left inside the car, which means he had no way to call for help once he left his car on foot.

3. Coyote and Bear Country

In the remote area where Michael’s car was found, there is nothing but coyotes and the occasional antelope. Recently, a bear was spotted on the north side of the I-70, but his car was found to the south of the interstate.

Source: Grand County’s Sheriff Office

2. Last Seen at a Gas Station

He was last seen at 3:30 AM at Maverick gas station in Monticello, Utah, which is about 100 miles south of where his car was found. He bought gas and asked for directions to Salt Lake City and then got onto the 191 north.

1. Plunging Temperatures

Temperatures in the area where Michael’s car was abandoned have been at freezing or below freezing every night since the car was first found. Because the ground was frozen the morning that Michael abandoned his car, police have had difficulty finding his footprints.



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