8 Potential Celebrity Couples We Think Would Be Amazing Together

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In Hollywood, the most unlikely people hook up. Couples like Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have made us scratch our heads. Even though they made little to no sense both on and off paper, they lasted for years, which confused us even more. This has got us wondering about all of the couples who would actually be good together – why haven’t they hooked up? Rather than wait for it to happen, we’ve decided to make a list of all the celebrities who should totally couple up. Here are 8 who we think are definitely meant to be!

8. Lori Loughlin and John Stamos

People have always wanted Lori Loughlin and John Stamos to be a thing. Ever since they played a happily married couple on “Full House,” fans have been rooting for them to take their romance off-screen. Sadly, Loughlin has been happily married fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli since 1997, which means it’s unlikely that she’ll ever hook up with Stamos.

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7. Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick

We saw Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick together in the movie “Into the Woods” and it got us thinking that these two would make a very cute couple. Rumors spread that they were dating, but nothing came of it. She has since made it clear that she would never date him. She prefers her guys sweet and dorky and Pine isn’t dorky — not at all. We can still wish though, right?

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6. Katie Holmes and James Marsden

When we saw Katie Holmes and James Marsden together in “Disturbing Behavior,” we couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t dating. They were both gorgeous and relatively new to Hollywood. Just looking at them, we’d know that they’d have the most gorgeous children. If we could only convince Holmes to start dating again, we think these two could totally be a thing!


5. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Zooey Deschel and Joseph Gordon Levitt had so much chemistry in “500 Days of Summer” and they had even more in their cute little video for “What Are You Doing For New Year’s Eve?” We wish these two would just hook up and get married already.

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4. Chris Martin and Kate Hudson

Chris Martin and Kate Hudson organized a beach day with their children back in March. As soon as we saw them sitting in the sand together, laughing about God knows what, we knew that Martin needed to break up with Jennifer Lawrence and hook up with Hudson. Why aren’t these two dating yet?!

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3. Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst

Orlando Bloom and Kisten Dunst met on the set of “Elizabethtown,” one of the worst romcoms in history. They were both dating other people at the time – he was dating Kate Bosworth while she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite this, Bloom and Dunst had some pretty incredible chemistry – off-screen. At various award shows, they were pretty chummy, which must have left their respective partners feeling a little uncomfortable.

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2. Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal

We don’t know why Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal have never dated. We think that they’d be perfect together. They are both so low-key. We can imagine them on a date, staying in, cooking together and then enjoying a walk with one of their dogs.

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1. Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto

Whenever there is an event, Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o are spotted look awfully cozy, which has left us wondering: Why haven’t these two hooked up yet? They obviously enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of chemistry. Leto better hurry up. A woman like Nyong’o won’t stay on the market forever.

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