8 Male Celebrities Arrested For Domestic Violence!

We seem to look up to celebrities, treating them like role models, but sometimes they can do things that are pretty bad, on both a moral and legal level. Fortunately for celebs they have fans who won’t give up on them and lawyers who can get them out of trouble. Here is a list of 8 male celebrities who were arrested for domestic violence!

8. 50 Cent

50 Cent was charged with domestic violence and vandalism after he trashed his ex girlfriend Daphne Narvarez’s condo and kicked her during an argument. The rapper was able to avoid jail time by working out a deal with prosecutors to get the domestic violence charge dropped. He was sentenced to three years probation and 30 days of community service. He also agreed to pay his ex $7,100 in restitution and attend counseling sessions.

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7. Bobby Brown

In 2003, Bobby Brown – who was married to the late Whitney Houston – was charged with misdemeanor battery for striking her in the face during a heated argument and threatening to beat her. Even though Houston was the one who called the police on Brown, she stood by her man in court. A couple of years later they finally ended up splitting up.

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6. Mel Gibson

The Oscar-winning director of “Braveheart” was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for hitting his girlfriend at the time, Oskana Grigorieva, during an argument back in 2010. Grigorieva claimed that Gibson had punched her in the face, giving her a concussion and damaging two of her teeth.

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5. Josh Brolin

In 2004, Josh Brolin was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. His wife at the time, Diane Lane, had called the police after an altercation, claiming that he had hit her. The Oscar-nominated actress did not end up pressing charges, calling the incident a misunderstanding.

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4. Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee – who was married to Pamela Anderson in the ‘90s – was allegedly arrested for spousal abuse, child abuse and unlawful possession of a firearm. Police reports state that the Motely Crue drummer assaulted Anderson while she was cradling their two-month-old son. He served four months in prison.

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3. Sean Penn

When Sean Penn was married to Madonna back in the ’80s, he was charged with felony domestic assault, a charge for which he pleaded to a misdemeanor. Madonna accused the Oscar-winning actor of tying her to a chair and beating and torturing her for nine hours straight.

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2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was charged with second-degree assault, as well as menacing and criminal mischief after he attacked his wife at the time, Brooke Mueller, and threatened to kill her on Christmas morning in 2009. This wasn’t the “Anger Management” star’s first arrest for domestic assault. In 1996, he was arrested for attacking a girlfriend at his home.

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1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats after he violently attacked his then girlfriend, Rihanna, after a pre-Grammy party in 2009. The Grammy-winning singer pleaded guilty and was given a plea deal of community labor, five years’ formal probation and domestic violence counseling.

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