8 Celebrities Who Think They’re More Famous Than They Are

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The mark of a true d-list celebrity has always been the ability to portray a life of importance while contributing as little as possible to society. The pinnacle of this journey manifests itself in a constant presence on the front page of tabloids, celebrity blogs and the top of twitter trends while enjoying the best life has to offer at the expense of others. In order to celebrate this long-standing tradition, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight celebrities who think they are more famous than they actually are.

8. Kate Gosselin

Failed celebrity television career? Check. Exploitation of family and children to further celebrity image? Check. The 38-year-old mother of eight and star of the reality television show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has done her best to stay in the limelight since the show’s cancelation in 2009. The result? A series of failed reality television shows, a brief stint on Dancing with the Stars and a leaked racist picture on Twitter. Keep up the good work, Kate!

Kate Gosselin
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7. Teresa Giudice

This table-flipping, 41-year-old mother of four has earned her reputation as the brash and fiery star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Having seemingly fought with and insulted every one of her co-stars and family members, Giudice continues to seek the affirmation of the public through a series of Italian cookbooks, publicity stunts and public appearances.

Teresa Giudice
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