7 Young and the Restless Spoilers For The Week (May 30)


Things on The Young and the Restless (Y&R) continue to get interesting for the Newmans, Abbotts, and Rayburns this week. Learn more about what will happen to all your favorite Y&R characters, in the spoilers for the week of May 30:

7. Not Guilty

Adam continues to plead that he is innocent, as it relates to Constance Bingham, and that he is being set up by his father, Victor. Adam believes that if they can exhume Constance Bingham’s body, they can gather tissue samples that will prove his innocence. Unfortunately, the only person that can approve this, is Nick. Still, Nick feels that Adam crosses the line with his dead wife’s privacy, when he notices that his brother has copies of her journal. While annoyed by Adam, Nick still does agree to have Constance’s body exhumed to help get to the bottom of the entire situation. As the week comes to a close, Adam is concocting another scheme that has Chelsea worried. Adam makes a big decision that could change everything for the both of them… but will it be a positive or negative change?

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6. Sharon’s Guilt

Sharon continues to feel guilty about hiding Sully’s true paternity. However, she has a bit of a freak out this week when she believes a cowlick will reveal a biological connect to Nick. Mariah also starts to feel guilty about keeping Sharon’s secret, especially when Dylan approaches her, about her mom’s sudden erratic behavior. Sharon’s guilt continues to rise, when Nick asks her if keeping secrets is okay, which enhances her paranoia.


5. Oil Spill Woes

Summer hears Luca chatting it up about the oil spill, and realize that it isn’t the same story he had once told her. She pushes him on the subject, but then gives him the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Billy determines that Summer was not telling the truth at the press conference; around the oil rig, he runs to Vicky to tell her, only to find her shaking hands with Luca.


4. Billy And Vicky Come To An Understanding

Can they finally be friends? Seems like they are headed in that direction! They share a drink this week, and come to a peaceful understanding about moving on. While Billy seems smitten on Phyllis, Travis is not overjoyed when he figures out that ‘Tori’ is actually Victoria Newman.


3. Victor…Busted?

While he and Meredith continue to get closer, seems like The Moustache is busted nearing the end of the week. Spoilers do not indicate exactly what it could be, but it may be anything from the situation with Adam, to Victor cozying up to the good doctor so that she can spring him out of jail early.

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2. Motorcycle Crash

The big spoiler this week, is the motorcycle crash involving Phyllis and Billy. After a fight with Jack, Phyllis runs into Billy, where he begs her to be with him. While hesitant, she then goes on a motorcycle ride with Jack’s younger brother. There is a crash and Billy is quite injured. Phyllis is left with a decision: does she leave him to cover her tracks, or get help for him? Also, Billy’s mother Jill gets a surprise this week… could it be about Billy’s affair?

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1. Other Genoa City News

Kevin chooses Natalie, and not Mariah, but will he regret this decision? Jill and Hilary fight over limelight at the event that will announces the Kay Chancellor wing; sadly, Jill gets the news about Billy at this event, from Jack. Stitch and Abby get an update on Max this week, and things aren’t looking to good.

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