7 Celebrity Wives & Girlfriends Desperate For Fame

Some people want fame so badly that they will do whatever it takes to get it. This has always been a thing, even long before the Kardashians became superstars thanks to their vapid but addictive reality TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Over the years, we have seen a lot of people try to acquire that level of fame and many of them have failed. Today, we’re looking at celebrity wives and girlfriends who were/are total fame whores. They dated or married someone famous, hoping that it would parley them into a career as a celebrity. Here are the top 7!

7. Amber Rose

Amber Rose is hungry – for attention. She loves the spotlight almost as much as Kim Kardashian; however, she only gets a fraction of what her arch nemesis/main competitor does. Rose is mostly known for who she dates and for her attention grabbing selfies. Like Kardashian, she has curves and she isn’t afraid to show them off – especially if it means that she will make the news.

We’re not sure what to even think of her. She basically came to our attention when she was dating Kanye West. These two had a pretty dramatic relationship. She accused him of hooking up with his current wife while he was still with her. Then she dated Wiz Khalifa. Rumors of infidelity haunted their relationship too. Rose is currently trying to make a name for herself as an actress. Something tells us that this won’t work out and that she’ll probably be best remembered for her super sexual selfies.

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6. Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel was never really the girlfriend of anyone famous; however, she was the mistress of Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz. Both men led her on, promising to leave their wives to be with her; however, neither of them actually did. She was going to give a press conference during the Woods scandal, but he paid her to keep her silence. The affair with him actually turned her into a household name and we think she really relished all of the attention and the money that was generated from it. Woods was paying her and so was the media. Everyone was interested in knowing more about his number one mistress.

While everyone was initially interested in her, it ended up fading away. She wasn’t able to milk her celebrity much more after people lost interest in Tiger Woods and his many mistresses. She went on “Celebrity Rehab” and then faded back into the background once again.

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5. Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner has always had a problem with women using him to further their careers. His current wife Crystal Harris is no exception. They were set to marry in 2011, but she abruptly left him just five days before they were supposed to walk down the aisle. She claimed to have ended the relationship because of his Playboy lifestyle, but it looks like she had been shopping around prior to breakup, asking media outlets for $500,000 to ditch him at the altar. No one was willing to pay, so she had to dump him and then generate interest in the breakup.

Surprisingly, a year after Harris abruptly dumped Hef, he ended up taking her back. They got re-engaged and actually made it down the aisle this time. She probably realized that she would never become that famous on her own, so it made sense to marry him for financial security.

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4. Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden loves the spotlight. Many of us wouldn’t have even heard of her if it weren’t for Doug Hutchison. He literally plucked her out of obscurity and turned her into a minor celebrity. Many of us have held a loose interest in her, mostly because of the age difference between her and her much, much older husband and the ridiculous amount of plastic surgery she has had. She now looks like more like a blow up doll and she’s perfectly fine with that.

Stodden has been trying to extend her 15 minutes since she first landed in the spotlight. She went on “Couples Therapy” with Hutchison and “Celebrity Big Brother.” Even managed to make the news by separating from her husband and reuniting with him six months later. She’ll never be much more of a celebrity than she is now, but that won’t stop her from continuing to try.

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3. Dina Eastwood

Dina Eastwood had it all. She was married to one of the most successful directors in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood, and had a family with him. She literally didn’t have to work another day in her life. Then she decided that she wanted to have a reality TV show – riding on her husband’s coattails wasn’t enough for her. Clint was vehemently against it. He didn’t want cameras around the house, filming his daughters and prying into his personal life. Somehow Dina managed to get her way.

The family’s reality TV show “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” ended up being a total flop. No one was really interested in seeing Dina, her daughters or the band she was managing, The Overtones, so it was canceled after only one season. The show ended up being the kiss of death for Mrs. Eastwood’s marriage to Clint. News of their divorce was able to get Dina some press; however, that quickly died down because no one was that interested in seeing her as anything other than Clint Eastwood’s ex wife.

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2. Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin – Alec Baldwin’s wife – has managed to turn herself into a minor celebrity following their marriage. She has continued to work as a yoga instructor since they walked down the aisle, but she has since secured a gig with “Extra” as a special correspondent and she also makes TV appearances on fitness-related shows. When she’s not working, she spends her time posting photos to Instagram of her doing various yoga poses and of her family.

Considering that her husband is so fanatical about his privacy, this seems like it should be a source of contention between these two. Hilaria obviously likes attention and goes out of her way to solicit it. We wonder how Alec is okay with his wife posting photos of herself and the family on the social media. If these two were ever to break up, it seems pretty certain that many of us would completely forget who she is.

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1. Sarah Larson

Sarah Larson was reportedly dead set on becoming famous before she ever met George Clooney. She had her first taste of fame when she was on the reality game show “Fear Factor;” however, it wasn’t enough to catapult her to superstardom. She made her living working as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. When she met George Clooney, her life completely changed. She found herself on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar; she attended the Oscars; and she walked in LA Fashion week. She seemed to have everything she ever wanted.

Then Clooney dumped her. According to his sources, they just didn’t have enough in common to have a long-term relationship. At first, Larson really tried to keep up the level of fame she had when she was dating the A-list actor. She showed up at Sundance and did a random photo op for designer Christian Audigier. She was never really able to stay as famous as she was when she was Clooney’s girlfriend, so she ended up fading back into oblivion pretty soon after the break up.

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