6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 24)


Attention Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Are you ready for another explosive week? Spoilers indicate that Jack is rolling out a dangerous plan that may rock Genoa City to its very core. Learn more about this and other storylines in the spoilers for the week of October 24th:

6. Jack’s Plan

Jack’s focus this week is all about revenge and he can’t seem to look beyond anything else right now. But will he regret this plot in the long run? If he continues with what he is planning, he may, especially when it comes to crossing Victor. While Phyllis is trying to balance everything out, Victor will want an update on what Jack has in the works and she will worry this week about crossing the man she loves and ruining any potential reunion plans they have if she tells on him.

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5. Ashley’s Fears

Ashley worries about her brother’s plan this week as well. She confronts him about the risks this places on Jabot and the target Jack places on the company if goes through with what he has planned. Jack also potentially places a target on himself with this plan and no one crosses Victor without feeling the aftermath of this in the long run.


4. Hilary Worries

Hilary also has worries of her own this week when it comes to Victor. She wonders if she will suffer any repercussions for airing that story before getting any hard facts. It was a huge risk and this week she scrambles to try and fix the situation. With the help of Devon, the two will try and find documents to back up their story. Meanwhile Nikki bonds with Neil.


3. Nick and Natalie

As Hilary and Devon desperately try to find some evidence, Victor is working on the same this week. While he feels all arrows point to Phyllis and Jack, he will enlist the help of resident hacker Natalie for help to prove this. Will she be on board? Can Natalie crack this case? Stay tuned Y&R fans! Our favorite female computer geek is back! With all the drama around Sharon, Nick is starting to lose control.


2. Cane And Lily Hit A Bump In The Road

The super couple fall into some troubles this week. These two are generally solid, but they sadly fall on shaky ground. Lily starts to speculate that Cane is avoiding his family. Jill will give Cane a heads up on this and she seems to be sensing the distance he is building. Jill offers him some advice on paying his twins and his wife some more attention. Careers are important, but nothing replaces the love a good family can offer.

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1. Patty’s Plan

She’s Genoa City’s resident psycho, but can she do the unthinkable and finally spill Sharon’s Baby Sully secret? This week, she goes completely crazy in her current facility, which will land her the transfer she desperately wants. Will she escape? Spoilers reveal that this week may be the week that Sharon’s dirty little secret around Sully’s true identity gets revealed when she doesn’t fulfill her promise to Patty. How will this affect Dylan and Nick, not to mention Sharon? Only time will tell!

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