5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 30)

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It’s Monday! That means, it is time for your weekly dose of spoilers for the next five days, on the Young and the Restless (Y&R). Read on to learn more about what’s in store for Billy, Phyllis, Chelsea, Adam and more, in the below Y&R spoilers for this week.

5. Billy and Phyllis’ Plan Continues

Billy gets Jack to go to Genova. Phyllis is on to Billy’s selfish agenda and the two have heated words. Phyllis talks Topher into allowing her to use his chat application to send Ian a message, while Phyllis is then placed in a dangerous situation. She sets her sights on revenge.

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4. Where Will Adam End Up

Adam’s future is up to Victor and he ponders what the aftermath will mean to him, after receiving Victor’s help. Victor gears up for a battle, and puts pressure on Michael in regards to his court performance. Chelsea worries over Adam and his future. Michael is also worried…does Victor have something underhanded up his sleeve? Elise makes it clear to Victor that she will not overturn the appeal unless Michael offers a good argument for Adam. Victor brings in a witness that provides a shocking testimony. Judge Moxley gives her decision.

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3. Cane Tries To Clear His Name

Unfortunately, the hoodie evidence was obtained illegally, and Christine and Paul advise Cane that it is inadmissible. The duo decides to look into Joe. Feeling guilty, Lilly sees that Cane is being honest (and has been the entire time) and tells him she will help him clear his name.

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2. Meanwhile at Fairview…

Nick can’t seem to bring himself to visit Sharon and her baby, and Dr. Anderson quickly comes to his rescue. Nick then agrees to therapy with Anderson, so that she can help him and Sage can get over their baby’s passing. Sharon feels off, and is starting to get worried about the power her doctor has on her, and if Anderson can be trusted. While Dr. Anderson wants Sharon to stay a little while longer, Sharon decides to leave Fairview, with her son.

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1. More Spoilers!

Stitch and Abby have a meeting with their wedding planner. Later, Ashley confronts Adam to demand some answers. Billy loses control and risks everything to bring Victor to his knees.

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