5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 20)

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3. Sparks Continue To Fly

Is Abby helping Scott a good idea? It’s clear that there is something between these two that seems to get stronger the more time they spend together. While Scott is committed to Sharon, that could all change as the plan to overthrow Vicky continues. There’s a clear attraction between Abby and Scotty and it will grow stronger this week.

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2. Thanksgiving Celebrations

While Dina has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Jack makes it his mission to give her a great Thanksgiving this year. He will continue to hide Dina’s diagnosis from the rest of the Abbotts. Meanwhile, Nick and Nikki crash the Newman’s Thanksgiving at the ranch. While Victor is upset at first, he places it aside for the sake of some peace between the family during this holiday.