5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (February 1)

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It is Monday morning, and we are not only looking at a brand new week, but a brand new month of daytime drama. What will happen in the land of Genoa City this week? Read more below to find out more in The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of February 1st.

5. Sage Gets Caught

On Monday, fans will see Dr. Shelby question Sage on what is really going on with her. Sadly, mid-week fans will see Sage get caught. However, Dr. Anderson surprises Nick with something and Nick will turn to Sharon to open up.

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4. Adam Is Busy This Week

This week, Jack turns to Adam for help. Adam is busy trying to set Luca up in a trap while Chelsea puts her foot down and demands that Adam come to a decision.

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3. Billy and Phyllis’ Plan

Billy makes his decision on something important this week. Phyllis decides to go to the next step with her plan. Later on in the week, Billy keeps his promise and withholds a secret.

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2. Jill Plays Cupid

Fans will see Jill stick her nose into Lily and Cane’s affairs, desperately hoping to see these two lovebirds reconcile. She’ll concoct a plan to reunite the duo…but will it work? Meanwhile, Chelsea is concerned that Adam is still connected to Sage…when will their secret come to light?


1. More Spoilers!

Hilary looks at different alternatives available to her. Noah worries about being busted and Luca devises a plan to get rid of Victor. A big surprise is in store this week as a previous Y&R character returns to town.

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