5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (August 15)

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Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers are promising a big week in Genoa City as things continue to heat up. As Phyllis, Nick and Victor desperately try to stop the Luca/Summer wedding, a tricky reunion (Travis and Vicky) will melt everyone’s hearts – and may also save the day. Also, an interesting twist in Adam’s imprisonment takes place this week. Learn about these stories and more in the Y&R spoilers for the week of August 15th.

5. Finding Travis

As Nick, Phyllis, and The Moustache try and break up the Luca/Summer wedding that is fast approaching, Nick visits Vicky this week, asking for help. Luca seemingly set Travis up as the mastermind behind the big oil spill, and Phyllis, Nick and Victor are hoping that Travis can help out Luca as the liar he is, thus getting Summer to see the truth about this scumbag and cancel her wedding to him. Vicky hesitates at first, but later on in the week, Y&R fans will see Travis and Vicky share a heartfelt kiss. Things are certainly far from over for this couple.

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4. Renovations Complete!

Y&R fans who simply hated the renovations that Billy had placed on the Chancellor mansion can breathe a sigh of relief. Leave it to Jill to get the job done right! The good news: The mansion has been restored to its original form, and looks very similar to the way it once was – with an updated feel. The reveal of the renos will occur this week.

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3. Jill And Billy Butt Heads

Still, while Jill (and many Y&R fans) will be thrilled with the Chancellor mansion’s renovations, Billy is not too fond of his mother’s overbearing ways as of late. First taking over his company, meddling with his relationship with Victoria, and now this home renovation ordeal. The mansion will no longer feel like Billy’s home anymore, and Jill will be somewhat relieved to hear this. As it seems, Billy may be looking for a new place, and Jill will encourage this move. Will Billy feel like he’s being kicked out? Maybe, but he will also feel he has no choice.

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2. Adam’s Struggle

Poor Adam! He was recently thrown in prison after being wrongly accused of a murder! However, recent spoilers indicate that Victor’s son will struggle this week in jail. Not only is he lonely and malnourished, but he is also slowly losing his mind. He’ll throw a fit, and all hell will break lose, as prison guards will try to control the chaos that is happening around them.

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1. Dylan Shocker

Dylan continues to try and gather evidence against Chloe. What he finds instead not only shocks him, but will shock Y&R fans out there as well. As the story unfolds this week in another direction: Dylan will continue to provide these stunning revelations of what he has found to Chelsea, who is just as surprised by the turn of events as he is.

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